Tips on How to Tile a Bathroom Floor Correctly

03/06/2012 14:43

When you ask people how many of them are able to correctly tile a bathroom very few will answer that question with confidence. The few that claim to know how to tile a bathroom floor they probably have not done it correctly and a professional might have to be hired to finish off the job. It becomes costly when you hire a professional to do a job that you can do flawlessly. However, you still have a chance to redeem yourself and prove that anything a professional can do, you can do it better. The following are steps to guide you on How To Tile a bathroom floor.

First of all before you layout any tiles on the floor, it is advisable that you have a rough estimate of how many tiles will be required to cover the floor. Measure the floor area and divide by the size of the tile you want to fix. This will give you the actual number of tiles required to cover the bathroom floor however, it is advisable that you purchase more tiles than the estimated figure. The extra tiles will act as backup for any tiles that may break when they are being fixed on the floor.

Once you have estimated the number of tiles needed, the next step involves cleaning the floor. Any dust particles or any other foreign objects that are on the floor may prevent the tiles binding with the floor. When cleaning, it is also important that you ensure the floor is flat as possible. An uneven surface is not ideal for tiles. Since the tiles will be placed on the bathroom floor where exposure to moisture is at maximum it is vital that you choose a waterproof adhesive. These are just a few tips on tiling it also requires proper planning and having the right tools.